SHOGUN Legendary Nutrients

SHOGUN Legendary Nutrients…. When it comes to feeding your plants and getting maximum performance and yield, Shogun don’t like to cut any corners.

SHOGUN Fertilisers was born out of a desire to create something special, something new for the hydroponics market. Not just another basic set of feeds, but something truly exceptional borne out of years of research, development and commercial application.

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Shogun Nutrients

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CANNA Boost Accelerator

CANNA Boost Accelerator Boosts the metabolism of your plants and stimulates the development of new flowers.

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Biobizz Acti-Vera

Have you used Biobizz Acti·Vera yet ?

Biobizz Acti·Vera,  was previously known as Product X. Acti·Vera is the newest Biobizz product and it’s main ingredient is the plant of aloe vera.

Biobizz Acti·Vera is an organic botanical activator that protects the immune system, increases metabolism and enhances nutrient absorption.

Why use Acti·Vera™on your plants?

  • Protects/activates the immune system
  • Germination powers
  • Increases plant metabolism and enhances nutrient absorption
  • Breakdown of sugars
  • 100% Vegan

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Budmaster LED Grow Light

Photosynthesis with LED


If you are unfamiliar with what photosynthesis is then it’s basically what enables plants to eat, plants require light to eat or they will starve and die even with a full nutrient compliment to their root zone.

Photosynthesis converts light into chemical energy within the plant which then gives the plant fuel to perform certain activities, much like solar panels generating electricity to allow you to perform certain activities within the household.

Think of your leafs as your plants solar panels, the more leafs it has the more it can photosynthesise and therefore the more food it can absorb.

Blue and Red Led’s

Why do led grow lights use mainly blue and red LED’s for plant growth we hear you ask?

The main chlorophyll absorption peaks for plants are targeted most efficiently by using blue and red LED’s of specific wavelengths and bandwidths.

So inducing photosynthesis via led is extremely efficient compared to traditional grow lights that throw either red, blue or every colour at your plants.  With LED’s we target the exact wavelengths to correlate with the Chlorophyll A and B absorption peak areas blue 445nm – 475nm and red 615nm – 670nm.





Air-Pot™ is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants.
Air-Pot™ allows your plants to develop a remarkable radial root system that simply cannot be matched in any other growing container. Whether you chose soil or hydro, Air-Pot™ will push the boundaries of your growing experience.

Made of recycled HDPE, the Air-Pot™ is circular in shape with a perforated side wall, which is textured like an egg carton. There are no flat surfaces to deflect roots and start the spiralling process.

The inward pointing cones direct the root towards the hole in the outward pointing cones where the air density in the soil is too great and therefore the apical cells at the very tip of the root dehydrate, or are air-pruned.

The response of the plant to this air-pruning is to send out more roots to compensate for the loss, which leads to the build up of a dense and fibrous radial root system in a dramatically short time.

All these advantages can be yours just by changing the pots you grow in.

* Improved root development
* Improved oxygenation
* Improved nutrient uptake                                 
* Improved quality
* Reduced crop time
* Reduced transplant shock
* Faster growth rates
* Healthier plants
* Higher yields